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Stedyx - Boxing, MMA, Workout

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Stedyx Tatami puzzle 2cm red/blue


Tatami tested by professional athletes. Ideal for JUDO, KARATE, MMA, AIKIDO, self defense and other martial arts and arts. It lasts long, it is light and at the same time reasonably hard. Perfectly cushions the falls and prevents possible injuries. It is health-conscious, easy to maintain, easy to move, and no burns surface.

  • Exact dimensions
  • No burns
  • Non-slip surface
Warranty 2 yearsWarranty 2 yearsQuality designQuality designCustomize designCustomize design
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TATAMI is a special pad designed for training or matches in karate, judo, thai boxing and other combat sports. Only enter the Tatami floor with bare feet or special footwear designed for it (karate shoes, exercises, etc.). Never place heavy or sharp objects or furniture on it.

  • Density 80kg/cbm
  • Hardness 35-38 shore C

Depending on the usage of the tatami, rewrap it every 1-2 months in order to avoid excessive wear on some pieces. Also regularly wash it with a damp cloth and non-aggressive disinfectant, ideally once a day, again depending on the frequency of use.


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Use:TrainingProduct code:TAT 20RBMaterial:EVA - Ethylene Vinyl AcetateSize:100x100 cmWeight:2,25kg