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Competition MMA RAGE ring

MMR 7050

Competition ring for MMA matches. The PVC canvas is designed for MMA matches. The design of this ring is inspired by the M1 championship.

  • Outer dimension 7 x 7m (22,9 x 22,9 ft.)
  • The dimension between the ropes is 6 x 6 m (19.8 x 19.8 ft)
  • Strong mesh at the bottom of the ring
  • Elevated padded floor 1m (3.2 feet)
  • Padded floors 2.50 cm (0.98 inches)
Custom productionCustom productionQuality designQuality designWarranty 2 yearsWarranty 2 years
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International parameters:
All parameters of the Rage MMA ring are designed to meet the required conditions for organizing international matches.  The floor of the ring is well cushioned and covered with printed PVC canvas, and it meets the most stringent safety requirements.  The surface of the frame is galvanically treated so as to provide exceptional durability and longevity. 

The unique bottom part of the ring is made of mesh, and it ensures even greater safety during matches on the ground. Thanks to its truss structure, the MMA ring is strong and stable. It meets the most demanding requirements.  The OSB boards that form the floor of the ring are 2.5 cm (0.98 inches) thick.  The elevated OSB floor has a padded layer of 2.5 cm (0.98 inches) and a PVC canvas. Another bottom rope is added for extra safety.  

I want a different design:
We can produce the Rage MMA ring with a conventional screw design or a folding design.  Because we are the manufacturer, we can offer more color variants of this boxing ring. You can choose color combinations of the ropes, a color combination of the ring frame and a different color of the ring canvas. You can easily configure everything in the the Design Studio. If you want logos of your partners or sponsors printed on your ring  - Contact us.


Extra thick padded floors: MMA is one of the toughest sports. Because safety is important to us, this ring is fitted with a thick floor padding of 2.5 cm and dual cushioning. For color combinations or your print for the canvas or corners, contact us with any other requirements.

Boxing ring ropes:
The ropes and corners of the ring are designed to meet the latest safety requirements. They contain a core of steel wire that is placed in a safety cover in order to avoid cuts and possible injury.  The foam padding provides safety and comfort. The leatherette casing is easy to wash. The bottom part is made from an extremely resistant field of mesh. The mesh has a wire diameter of 3.9 mm and is coated with PVC. 


Basic specification

Use:international MMA matchesProduct code:MMR 7050Outer size:7 x7m (22,9 x22,9 ft.)Inner size between ropes:6,1 x6,1m (20,1 x 20,1 ft.)Frame:galvanized, double suspensionHeight of the floor:1 m (3,2ft.)Floor material:OSB boardsFloor boards quantity:18Floor padding:2,5 cm(0,98 in.)Weight:1450kg (3.197 lb.)

Shipping dimensions

Free loaded on the truck:3,3 x 2,2 x 1,6m (10,8 x 7,2 x 5,2 ft.)Packed in OSB boxes #1::2,3 x 1 x 1,6m (7,5 x 3,2 x 5,2 ft.)Packed in OSB boxes #2::2,5 x 1,3 x 1m (8,2 x 4,2 x 3,2 ft.)


Construction::5 yearsOthers::2 years except tear and wear

Custom production

Do you want to have a boxing ring in the colors of your club? We will produce a boxing ring for you according to your wishes. Do you want to have the logos of your club and sponsors on the boxing ring? All this will be made to order.  Contact our sales representative.

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