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STX Line

STL 4020

4m, 5m

Street workout, calisthenic, crosstraining ...... All of these styles include the exercise with your own weight. STX Line is functional indoor wall. Stedyx makes lenght, sizes and accessories according to your needs.

  • Powder finish colors
  • Optional accessories
  • Basic lenght 4m
Custom productionCustom productionQuality designQuality designWarranty 2 yearsWarranty 2 years
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STX Line is functional indoor fitness equipment and it is fixed to the wall and ground.  Perfect solution for inner gym.Especially since you can build muscle just as effectively using your own body weight as you can by lifting some iron. All you really need is something to push on or pull on and a little open space where you can move your body and activate all the muscles you want to training indoors. Contact us for more information.

We produce whole range of lenghts and modules for STX line. You can extend the line any time you want because all parts are compatabile. We offer any color you want in powder finis coating for long life of your fitness equipment.


STX line is based on the successful models workout structures with which we have great experience. The structure is designed to be stable and safe for athletes. The base consists of frames of size 60x60mm. Thanks to the unique stabilization profiles is very durable. More athletes can practice on it at once.


Basic specification accessories

Use:workout trainingProduct code:STL 4020Material:steelSize:width 4mWeight:350 kg

Shipping dimensions

Free loaded on the truck:2,5 x 1 x 0,6m (8,2 x 3,2 x 2 ft.)


Construction::5 years