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Octagon UFC rules

UFC 1012

Build the best  MMA  team! With the UFC Octagon achieve the best results! Professional processing and dimensions Octagon in accordance with the rules of the most successful MMA championships in the world. The 750 square foot Octagon UFC measures 9m (30 feet) across and 1,85m (6 feet) high, and was created with both safety and fairness in mind. Its walls and padded surfaces protect fighters from falling out (or getting thrown out).

  • Diameter 9m (30 ft.)
  • Floor height 1m (3,2 ft.)
  • Wide catwalk 1m (3,2ft.)
  • Floor padding 4cm EN 12503-3
Warranty 2 yearsWarranty 2 yearsQuality designQuality designCustom productionCustom production
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Professional MMA cage for organizing international matches and toughest MMA training. Only the best materials are used for the Octagon UFC. It comes complete with two door panels against each other. The doors are color-coded. 2 wide staircase allows secure access into Octagon UFC.  1 m wide Catwalk is a natural part of the Octagon and only the prettiest Ring Girls can walk on it ! The wide angles prevent fighters from getting stuck in a corner with no way out.


Suitable for every gym:
Octagon UFC is made under the UFC size rules. We are manufacturer therefore we offer you also smaller versions to fit the size of your gym.

Steel frame:
The steel frame MMA panels is designed to be particularly light and simple. The surface of the frame is safely padded. The padding is 2 cm thick and provides security against injury. MMA panels are connected by special conectors that ensure an unusual strength and stability.

About UFC Octagon

The UFC stages bouts in an eight-sided enclosure officially named "The Octagon". Originally, SEG trademarked the concept as well as the term and prevented other mixed martial arts promotions from using the same type of cage, but in 2001 Zuffa gave permission for other promotions to use octagonal cages, reasoning that the young sport needed uniformity to continue to win official sanctioning. Today Zuffa reserves exclusive use of the name "The Octagon".

The UFC cage is an octagonal structure with walls of metal chain-link fence coated with black vinyl. The standard octagon has a diameter of 30 ft (9.1 m) with a 6 ft (1.8 m) high fence.The cage sits atop a platform, raising it 4 ft (1.2 m) from the ground. It has foam padding around the top of the fence and between each of the eight sections. It also has two entry-exit gates opposite each other. The mat, painted with sponsorship logos and art, is replaced for each event.

For smaller venues and events, the UFC often uses a smaller cage, which is only 25 ft (7.6 m) across.


Basic specification

Use:international MMA championshipsProduct code:UFC 1012Outer size:9,1m (30ft.) + catwalkHeight of the frame:1,9m (6,2 ft.)Height of the floor:1m (3,28ft.)Floor material:OSB boards 25mm thickFloor boards quantity:38Floor padding:4cm EN 12503-3Weight:3300 kg

Shipping dimensions

Free loaded on the truck:8m x 2,2m x 2,2m (26,2 x 7,2 x 7,2 ft.)Packed in OSB boxes #1::20'' Container


Construction::2 years except of meshOthers::2 years except tear and wear